Women's ankle boots selected by MECshopping are suitable for any occasion, with or without heels, casual or classic. The women's ankle boots are the new trend in shoes. Proposed by all designers as an essential accessory for women's clothing, they are in the best collections in various forms and combinations.

Women's ankle boots are very versatile and for this reason are suitable for the warmer seasons and also for fall and winter: perforated ankle boots are perfect with shorts and tops or combined with a long skirt or a pair of jeans in the fall season.


Women's ankle boots: how to match?

Love wearing more casual and sporty clothes? In both cases between the wide selection of MECshopping, you will find the model that suits you perfectly.

You can choose from heeled leather ankle boots combined with an elegant dress or more comfortable ankle boots with block heels absolutely perfectly combined with maxi sweaters and leggings.

Simple models characterized by clean lines and fashionable proposals on MECshopping: on our shop onlineyou will also find women's ankle boots with studs and decoration for very rock style.


Women's ankle boots: Best Brands on MECshopping

Practical, versatile and perfect for 3 seasons of 4!! if you don't have a pair of ankle boots it 's time to buy them!

A wide choice of ankle boots for you: with heel, without heel, suede, leather, elegant, casual, with rhinestones or studs. Many models of designer women's ankle boots are waiting for you in our shop.

Women's stub boots are super trendy and easy to wear. Being closed at the ankle allow them to be worn the most part of the year. The stub boots, or for more fashionistas the ankle boots, are part of those purchases that you will not regret!


Choose you ideal ankle boots for you: Buying Tips!


  • 1. How fit Mecshopping women's ankle boots ?
  • All the shoes that you find in the Mecshopping shop have a regular fit, this also applies to all women's ankle boots, both with and without heels.


  • 2. I have size 37, which I have to buy?
  • The Mecshopping women's shoes have a normal and regular fit, so if you have 37 buy this size.


  • 3. How many centimeters are the sizes of your women's shoes and ankle boots?
  • The Mecshopping women's shoes and ankle boots have a regular fit and in line with the standards, following the consideration of our sizes in centimeters:

    • - The size 35 corresponds to 22.8 cm.
    • - The size 36 corresponds to 23,5 cm.
    • - The size 37 corresponds to 23,8 cm.
    • - The size 38 corresponds to 24,5 cm.
    • - The size 39 corresponds to 25,1 cm.
    • - The size 39 corresponds to 25,1 cm.
    • - The size 40 corresponds to25,4 cm.
    • - The size 41 corresponds to 25,7 cm.
    • - The size 42 corresponds to 26 cm.


    Heeled ankle boots with fur, with wedge, with studs: many models of Best Brands!

    Discover all the best brands of Women's Ankle Boots on MECshopping. You can choose the model that you like and that will suit your needs the most important brands:

    • American Eagle
    • Damerose
    • Energy
    • Fiori e Spine
    • Laura Biagiotti
    • Queen Helena
    • Solada