Shipping information



Art 3-1 Delivery of orders
Mec Shopping s.r.l. will carry out the delivery of goods ordered by shipper (BRT or DHL), which will take care of the transport taking full responsibility from the moment of collection until delivery.

Art 3-2 Shipping Terms
Shipping and order management times are from 3days to 5 days: For destinations, such as islands or areas of Italy difficult to reach delivery times could increase up to 7 days.


Art 3-3 Delivery charges:
The products are delivered to the address indicated by the Customer during the purchase process, which may be different from the one indicated on the invoice.
Delivery costs in Italy with BRT:
- 5.90€ for each shipment to Italy except for the areas listed below
- 11.90€ for smaller islands
Delivery costs in EU with BRT or DHL:
- 10.00€ per shipment in the EU

For a minimum purchase of 50,00€ in Italy, the shipment will be free for the range of 5.90€ while for the range from 11.90€ it will be free for a minimum purchase of 100.00€
For a minimum purchase of 100,00€ in the EU, shipping will be free of charge
The customer will be required to specify in the address: building house number, staircase, digital code, floor and your name on the mailbox.
The courier will get in touch with the consumer via text message or email to inform him about the timing of the delivery. If the first attempt fails, the courier will issue a notice of its passage in order to set a new delivery date.

In the event that the package cannot be delivered for the reason of the return costs will be borne by the recipient and directly scaled by the total amount of your order, at the time of reimbursement or if the storage of the package was necessary for the reasons of the storage and return costs will be borne by the recipient.
Important caveats: in any case of non-picking of the goods will be charged the costs of storage (practical education expenses 9.92€ over 2.50,00€ for each day of stock, excluding VAT).
If the package is delivered late, the customer may not pick it up and possibly use the "return and refund" option.

Art 3-4 Shipment Tracking.
 After shipping, you will receive a text message or email, with the tracking number shipping.
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